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It will be my great pleasure to introduce you to the most remarkable subject of LIVE PROJECT TRAINING in Web Development, Software Development, Software Testing & Web Designing. I am pleased that you are interested for visiting this site and I look forward to join us. I have selected some interesting subjects for our studies and am excited about leading you in this venture.

Perhaps the most important thing that I learned about taking online courses is that being a successful student is an exercise in discipline. You have to be self-motivated to get the work done. My advice to you is to dedicate three or four special blocks of time every week to work on this course. Thank you.
Backed by a team of professionals who have successfully trained and placed students.
GIS offers a wide spectrum of technical courses and application courses designed to suit every skill level, as well as the ability to consult directly with organizations to tailor made learning plans for any number of employees. Our products and services have a wide appeal and are applicable those in varied positions including network administrators, systems analysts, systems architects, test engineers, software developers, help desk staff, IT managers, senior executives, administrative assistants and business professionals.

Our training feature hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios—in few days, you’ll be more productive and embracing new technology standards.

The goal of our training program is to provide the world with skilled human resources who are competent to practice and provide solutions in an ever-changing technology world.
To attain this goal, TT-TECH uses a robust and well-researched proven training model. Trainees are exposed to a wide range of professional role models, mentors, and trainers while in the process they develop a professional identity that is uniquely their own.

Since we always believe that each trainee bring with them their own unique skills and abilities, training experts recognizes and encourage them to develop and enhance these while sharing with other trainees. During the training period, our mentors provide an appropriate, graded sequence of experiential learning activities. Trainees are expected to attain increasing levels of autonomy and complexity in their progression from the role of student to the role of entry level professional by the end of the training where as our corporate training programs make the experienced profession filled with new passion to face the next project challenge with full confidence.

Towards this aim, trainees may be asked to engage in a process of personal exploration with their supervisors and trainers. In this process, mentors will encourage trainees to discuss and reflect upon how their experiences, personal qualities, and interpersonal dynamics related to their professional functioning. Mentors take care to create a training relationship characterized by trust, safety, and respect. They also take care to differentiate between training and supervision. As such, the focus of the discussion is always directly related to the trainees professional functioning and development.

”We don’t have any faculty, we have only currently working professionals to teach and shape your career with efficient manner.

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