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Outsourcing for better efficiency and profits is the phenomenon today. Whether it is a Fortune 500 or 1000 company or just a small/medium company, every business has realized the profitability of conserving their own resources for better productivity and outsourcing their non core functionality to those who specialize in that particular aspect.

We at LogicBirds are located in one of the most ideal destinations. India is the IT software and process outsourcing hub. We are leading providers of comprehensive software and business solutions. One of our major advantages is our team of experienced and efficient in house professionals. Our track record of timely completion and delivery of both minor as well as major global projects is proof enough of our capabilities.

Benefits of offshore development:

  • Lowers cost with high quality, up to 80% in certain cases.
  • Expert consultations are available at short notice without increasing long term personnel commitments.
  • Better time management.
  • Risk sharing.
  • Value addition to products.
  • In some cases the offshore development company can reap the benefit by outsourcing a subsidiary task to the offshore partner while concentrating on the core issue. The offshore company can add significant technical knowledge also.
  • Low priced resources in the offshore destinations which are extremely useful in the temporary peaks as it avoids high recruitment costs.

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